CoViD-19 is a genocidal response to Pensions.

It is said, that Social Security assured young workers that they wouldn’t need to depend on their children, when they got older, so they looked at the cost of College Education, and minimized the number of their children.

Who is it, that is now paying into Social Security? Social Security is not getting enough from College Graduates, and not enough are going through Trade School. We have illegal aliens paying into Social Security, who else?

The CoViD-19 Solution, is to spread a virus which is more deadly to the Elderly, but not much, to use this as an excuse to keep the Elderly alone and at home, which is much more lethal, and distribute “Stimulus Checks,” for which Congress must borrow outrageously, and cause Crippling Inflation. The Central Banks like this idea, because the money be owed to them, rather than to Pensioners. Inflation is a way to diminish the burden of Money Owed, as to Social Security, and the increased mortality of Pensioners is just icing on the cake.

Mine is but a voice, crying in the Wilderness, and it’s unlikely I’ll even be on the ballot for November Next, but this blog should remain, that I can prance about boasting that I told you so.

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