Zuckerb*rg seems to have suspended Alex Jones more, than he was suspended before. Why is he demanding the creation of a competitor?


This Video Could Be Disturbing

For those who haven’t played a lot of Doom, I found a video with the look and feel, of that old video game. Someone thinks it a hoax, which would not be impossible, in this day, while another thinks the player to lack military training.

Provincial England

The term “Provincial,” refers to something or someone from a ruled portion of an empire, and the Queen of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and some smaller parts, and Empress of some remaining holdings, is on the verge of becoming a provincial figure-head. England is a republic, with a monarchical form of government, where the government retains its right to rule, by making its crown popular. But the Queen is no longer the nominal owner of the government, and the current government is obliged to make the European Union look good. England is a province of the European Union, despite the BrExit Vote. Paris and Madrid have seen protests, because the EU is collapsing but, the EU has a plan. A week after FB and Twitter deplatformed Tommy Robinson, he got a new court date, for the first friday of Spring. If Riots can be caused, or pretended, the EU can rally an army to put down those riots, and make that province an example. Tommy Robinson has  been organizing Anger, rather than Hate, and that anger will explode if he’s silenced.

Face-Book Vacation

According to some reports, Face-Book has deplatformed Tommy Robinson, as well as Alex Jones. The charges are vague, of things that don’t sound like them; I haven’t seen either preaching Hate, nor Violence, so I hope defamation suits will be successful.
Meanwhile, I have to spend much less time on Facebook, which can take an entire day, out of a few morning minutes, and Face-Book has been kind enough to allow me a political pretense. Twitter is said to have done the same thing, but I’ve never gotten into that medium.


Interesting Read

Good for a dramatic read, from a time of better education.
I’m hoping to test some techniques of Enlightenment, and start a new religion, but someone suggested reading this, before testing on Humans… https://www.hhs.gov/ohrp/regulations-and-policy/belmont-report/read-the-belmont-report/index.html

Roger Barris – Finance Wiz?

Hubbard says, if the boss doesn’t understand Finance, those who do become the boss. There are reports that the NRA is suffering financially, and I’d guess that this is because Trump isn’t frightening gun owners. It would be smart of them to hire a guy like Roger Barris, the Libertarian candidate for Colorado’s Second Congressional District.
Tommy Robinson is out of Jail, for the moment, pending his retrial. The Rebellions are suffering for having published a Peon unto him.

Not posting on Facebook, at this time.

It’s become dangerous to post anything on Facebook, as they’ve sent me to facebook jail, for a second time, without identifying which “Community Standard” I violated. There is no appeal, from their arbitrary censorship. They might be afraid of offending Islam, because it’s a terrorist religion; Islam isn’t a terrorist religion, but cowards, I should say “Faithless Cowards,” are afraid of causing offense to such “Terrorists.” Most Mohammedans don’t want War, as reasonably sane people don’t want War, but all want to be good neighbors. The Koran looks rather violent, being an endemic declaration of All-Out-War, but “All Warfare is based on Deception,” quoth Sun Tzu, so Mohammed’s worshippers are free to pretend they aren’t at war, and that’s really very normal throughout Mankind. The real reason “Why Muslims Kill For Islam,” the Subtitle of Mohammed’s Koran, has more to do with “Going Postal,” which seems to be an adverse pharmaceutical reaction since, 1986. If Tommy Robinson were to publicize that, he’d likely be suicided in embarrassing circumstance. He actually bears no ill will towards Islam, but the scripture is there to describe anyone going postal as Jihadi.
On a more random note, I find a major martial arts tradition is the muslim Ten Roads, which might be based on the discipline of Ramadan. Muslims were often employed as imperial body guards,
Anyhow, I started too late in the year, to collect signatures, so shan’t be running for State Senate. Perhaps in 2020 I’ll spend less time on the now defunct Facebook.