Roger Barris – Finance Wiz?

Hubbard says, if the boss doesn’t understand Finance, those who do become the boss. There are reports that the NRA is suffering financially, and I’d guess that this is because Trump isn’t frightening gun owners. It would be smart of them to hire a guy like Roger Barris, the Libertarian candidate for Colorado’s Second Congressional District.
Tommy Robinson is out of Jail, for the moment, pending his retrial. The Rebellions are suffering for having published a Peon unto him.


Not posting on Facebook, at this time.

It’s become dangerous to post anything on Facebook, as they’ve sent me to facebook jail, for a second time, without identifying which “Community Standard” I violated. There is no appeal, from their arbitrary censorship. They might be afraid of offending Islam, because it’s a terrorist religion; Islam isn’t a terrorist religion, but cowards, I should say “Faithless Cowards,” are afraid of causing offense to such “Terrorists.” Most Mohammedans don’t want War, as reasonably sane people don’t want War, but all want to be good neighbors. The Koran looks rather violent, being an endemic declaration of All-Out-War, but “All Warfare is based on Deception,” quoth Sun Tzu, so Mohammed’s worshippers are free to pretend they aren’t at war, and that’s really very normal throughout Mankind. The real reason “Why Muslims Kill For Islam,” the Subtitle of Mohammed’s Koran, has more to do with “Going Postal,” which seems to be an adverse pharmaceutical reaction since, 1986. If Tommy Robinson were to publicize that, he’d likely be suicided in embarrassing circumstance. He actually bears no ill will towards Islam, but the scripture is there to describe anyone going postal as Jihadi.
On a more random note, I find a major martial arts tradition is the muslim Ten Roads, which might be based on the discipline of Ramadan. Muslims were often employed as imperial body guards,
Anyhow, I started too late in the year, to collect signatures, so shan’t be running for State Senate. Perhaps in 2020 I’ll spend less time on the now defunct Facebook.

Sin of Government

I’m presently reading Mohammed’s Koran, by Tommy Robinson, which debunks the idea that “Islam is a religion of Peace.” I should be out collecting signatures in 90 degree weather, but I was moved to order this  book from Amazon, so I could get a V for Vendetta Mask, which also required that I get a couple clerical tabs, so I can start my own religion. Islam is a religion of Peace, but it’s an internal peace, and Tommy offers reason to regard it as a very warlike religion. It might even be a readable edition of the Koran, which seems to be a big problem for us westerners.
Something here is in accordance with Divine Will, but it involves blazing a path to enlightenment, and I simply have to start in an unenlightened state. So, I plan to be rich and famous some day, even a full bore Bhagavan, but must begin supid. In the course of this, I realised that Government is toxic to Spirit.
Governments of Sovereignties pass down laws, that make decisions for communities or territories, and so may be seen to enjoy Power, but that power involves narrowing the decisions of others, and requiring less awareness amongst them. Karma Yoga, the path of Doingness, involves finding strengths in others, that we can find them in ourselves. So, the practice of Government involves diminishing our own perspicacity, by diminishing the perspicacity of others.
The word Psyche refers to the unit of Awareness and Decision of Man. Originally, Psyche was Greek for Butterfly, but a Princess Butterfly earned herself a place among the Gods, and the term came to refer to That Which is Godly of Man, which might be the Psyche, unless the Psyche is really a natural phenomenon. So, where many spiritual paths will involve the nurture of Awareness and Decision, Government struggles to do the opposite.
This may have been a serious burden to Islam, where Mohammed sought to bring a remedy.
We might also, as Libertarians, look with suspicion at any Libertarian who seeks Re-Election. Let them be re-elected as Democrats or Republicans, and wish them well, for Government is an art, and Faculties require Practice, but Libertarians should represent the freedom of breathe, and assemblies should breathe People, lest we be represented by representatives of Government. Our governments are needing a broader perspective.
Many are those who think we need the freedom to do things their way.

Starting the Party!!!

The campaign for this year, is largely about getting 350 Signatures, of which I find it challenging to get started. With 350 Signatures, I’d have Ballot Access, and it should be a breeze to get enough votes for continued Ballot Access. The favorable outcome, would be to get a percentage of votes, that the trustee of our legislative authority would consider that not every voter wants Government in their neighbor’s pockets.
I’m struggling to run for State Senate for the 10th District, presently held by Gary, who seems much more intelligent, than the policies he espouses, and I’d like some support from my fellow travelers, as it gets lonely.

Next Steps in Absolute Prohibition

Campaign to Support CRPD Absolute Prohibition of Commitment and Forced Treatment

Some of us have been meeting in Google Hangouts to discuss next steps.  If you support the absolute prohibition of involuntary commitment and involuntary treatment, you are welcome to participate in sharing information and exploring strategies. Please contact for details.

We are planning to post additional materials on this site about good practices in law reform and alternatives, and about projects at national level and otherwise that we are involved in, related to the aim of absolute prohibition.

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DEA on the Wrong Side of the Law, again?

Kratom should not be an issue., but the DEA still seems to think that Prohibition is going to help matters. Kratom was outlawed in Thailand, because the Thai Government wanted to tax Opium, and the price increase turned users to Kratom as an anti-addictive. Kratom use is endemic to Thai Culture, and any prohibition is going to cause trouble with any Thai Immigration. Where the Bagavad Gita discourages Soma, Kratom is likely similar, but not the business of our corrupt government.
On August 29th, I walked onto the SCSU Campus, looking to take a class in Sign, and found a lot of signs declaring pride in being a Tobacco Free Campus. Dr. Breggin’s post of August 31st featured a guest who analyzed FDA Stats, to find that Chantix, a smoking cessation drug, was more dangerous than Prozac, so I should campaign for Campus Body Armour, in case a newly non-smoking professor decides to shoot up the gun free campus.
It seems postal shootings didn’t stop in 1990 but the attention merely shifted to school shootings, whether to horrify or to cause Cognitive Dissonance.
Oddly, Sept. 7th show references the previous week’s.

CCHR would like this humor to be shared.

I’m doing awful, because I’m not a party animal…

Too many politicians are drunkards but, I’m suspecting that too many politicians have to be drunkards. Mayor P.T. Barnum, of Bridgeport, Conn., stated, “If you show me the meanest man in town, I’ll show you a tea totaler.” I try not to be so mean, but will only have a beer on an occasional summer.Hence I, as an almost tea totaler, need some way of accessing the wonderful personel resources who drink Beer. All we need is a better medicine.

Is this idea even excusable for Libertarians, and is it even a good one? I disagree with the demands of the Luddites, but can certainly sympathize with the desperation that motivated them. Power Looms cost a great many jobs, of those who’d invested a great deal into those jobs How did they become such an intellectual challenge for Libertarians? Should Government protect the privileges of Union Labor, that Journeyman Weavers had worked so hard for; that could be a good question of how Laborers broke out into Violence. How would you help those in need, to satisfy their needs?

In this campaign season, a fine test is available for your political orientation.

What’s available on the Internet is unreliable without deeper examination. William Kamkwamba was the Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, of which I saw a recent meme, about a book published half a decade ago. It left me to suspect, that what made America  great, was a lousy government, by which to nurture a free people.

As the price of battery power comes down, Trolley Vehicles become increasingly possible but, who’s to pay for the Juice? Governments are burdened by their composition, of the irresponsibility of a people, but every expense must be of somebody’s interest, if it’s to be paid.

In addition to a beer drinker, I could obviously use a blogger, as my thoughts are much to important to be left to myself.