Next Steps in Absolute Prohibition

Campaign to Support CRPD Absolute Prohibition of Commitment and Forced Treatment

Some of us have been meeting in Google Hangouts to discuss next steps.  If you support the absolute prohibition of involuntary commitment and involuntary treatment, you are welcome to participate in sharing information and exploring strategies. Please contact for details.

We are planning to post additional materials on this site about good practices in law reform and alternatives, and about projects at national level and otherwise that we are involved in, related to the aim of absolute prohibition.

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DEA on the Wrong Side of the Law, again?

Kratom should not be an issue., but the DEA still seems to think that Prohibition is going to help matters. Kratom was outlawed in Thailand, because the Thai Government wanted to tax Opium, and the price increase turned users to Kratom as an anti-addictive. Kratom use is endemic to Thai Culture, and any prohibition is going to cause trouble with any Thai Immigration. Where the Bagavad Gita discourages Soma, Kratom is likely similar, but not the business of our corrupt government.
On August 29th, I walked onto the SCSU Campus, looking to take a class in Sign, and found a lot of signs declaring pride in being a Tobacco Free Campus. Dr. Breggin’s post of August 31st featured a guest who analyzed FDA Stats, to find that Chantix, a smoking cessation drug, was more dangerous than Prozac, so I should campaign for Campus Body Armour, in case a newly non-smoking professor decides to shoot up the gun free campus.
It seems postal shootings didn’t stop in 1990 but the attention merely shifted to school shootings, whether to horrify or to cause Cognitive Dissonance.
Oddly, Sept. 7th show references the previous week’s.

CCHR would like this humor to be shared.

I’m doing awful, because I’m not a party animal…

Too many politicians are drunkards but, I’m suspecting that too many politicians have to be drunkards. Mayor P.T. Barnum, of Bridgeport, Conn., stated, “If you show me the meanest man in town, I’ll show you a tea totaler.” I try not to be so mean, but will only have a beer on an occasional summer.Hence I, as an almost tea totaler, need some way of accessing the wonderful personel resources who drink Beer. All we need is a better medicine.

Is this idea even excusable for Libertarians, and is it even a good one? I disagree with the demands of the Luddites, but can certainly sympathize with the desperation that motivated them. Power Looms cost a great many jobs, of those who’d invested a great deal into those jobs How did they become such an intellectual challenge for Libertarians? Should Government protect the privileges of Union Labor, that Journeyman Weavers had worked so hard for; that could be a good question of how Laborers broke out into Violence. How would you help those in need, to satisfy their needs?

In this campaign season, a fine test is available for your political orientation.

What’s available on the Internet is unreliable without deeper examination. William Kamkwamba was the Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, of which I saw a recent meme, about a book published half a decade ago. It left me to suspect, that what made America  great, was a lousy government, by which to nurture a free people.

As the price of battery power comes down, Trolley Vehicles become increasingly possible but, who’s to pay for the Juice? Governments are burdened by their composition, of the irresponsibility of a people, but every expense must be of somebody’s interest, if it’s to be paid.

In addition to a beer drinker, I could obviously use a blogger, as my thoughts are much to important to be left to myself.


MegaMillions is looking good, so it’s time to get ordained at the Universal Life Church
If I win, next Tuesday, I wouldn’t be able to put much into any political campaign, but Volunteers would be easier to recruit.
Orlando was a disaster, last weekend, and the Gun Grabbers are out in force, which always increases the sales of Ar-15 Lower Receivers, to an extent that we have to wonder which side is Obama on. Regrettably, Pink Pistols has no Connecticut Affiliate, and I’m not enough of a Male Lesbian to care, but I have to agree with the press release I’ve seen.
I’ll be laboring to open a fully legitimate religious ministry, btw, based on the second gospel of Patch Adams, House Calls.

Freakonomic Freedom

I found this reference on Freakonomics Radio, to mayor Toni Harp, of New Haven.
Of course, I should also mention The Libertarian Party of Connecticut, with whom I’ve just signed up to collect signatures, and which’ll be choosing a presidential candidate, next week.

I wish I had money, but I don’t even get paid for the advertising, yet.
Please, click on those advertisers you don’t like, in order to support WordPress, which gets good money for each such click.

Meanwhile, I’ve to somehow attend this blog, with some organization of weblinks, as I’ve heard Google prioritizes search results by number of links.

An old Treatise on Money
The answer to this might actually be in the Quran, but it would take the courage of Wisdom to find it. Mohammedans are not especially smart or dumb, brave nor cowardly, but many have grown up in a different context, and what we’re told of them in the press is trying to hide their evils, as if there’s something to hide. Anyhow, this is not something that’ll resolve to screaming Allayahu Akbar, as you detonate your briefcase on Wall Street.
The more nervous might start praying, but study circles for Economics would stand better chances.
I’ve a concept of a Shepherds’Academy, as a pirate school, in protest of Money; a commune of home-school guardians, so that everybody could afford a private school education; this would be better than the existing private schools. Our existing Prussian Industrial Model of Education was imported by Horace Mann, and isn’t really as good as most alternatives. If I ever hit the Powerball, or Something, I’d include a Gesundheit! Program, as a Christian approach to Martial Arts, highly internal martial art.
Meanwhile, we’ve a government descending into ever more debt, and our persistence of incomprehension can only make that increasingly frightening.